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Today is the day

Well, gang – I’m writing this simultaneously nervous and super excited.

Today is the day – my first product, The Instant-Take Suite, is now available for immediate download.

If you’ve been missing an “audiosuite”-like feature in Reaper, this should fill that void for you.  Definitely go check it out.

For the rest of this post, I’d like to share a little bit of the background of exactly why this product came about and what it took to get here.

6.5 months of hard work

What you don’t know by seeing what I’ve posted publicly is that the files I’m making available today are the product of about 1/2 a year of work and learning.

Late last August, I committed myself to a number of people that by September of 2017 I’d have created, pre-sold, and released a software product with at least 5 presales.  This idea spawned due to the fact that I really love business projects, and “audio programming” is a part of audio my career hadn’t touched yet.  Suffice it to say, I really enjoy challenges.

At that point, I assumed I would make some sort of VST plugin.  I assumed that and learning DSP would be relatively easy with an audio background (it definitely isn’t).  I realized really quickly that I needed to upgrade my math knowledge and talk to some folks to see exactly what might be needed in the plugin landscape.

I met the news I thought I would find by talking with @mattesque (worth every penny, btw.  Pay for his time, please.) – most seasoned audio people honestly aren’t missing many tools.  So I left that conversation with a semi-clear idea.  I knew what Matt (and people in his situation) would theoretically try out and use, but not exactly, specifically what that is.  I had nothing to program and no real imagination for it yet.

However, Matt did leave me with a nugget of interest a few weeks later.  In discussing Reaper, he expressed his interest and his simultaneous trepidation in using the program due to its lack of audiosuite workflow.  Matt makes no bones about it, he judiciously uses audiosuite and would have difficulty working without it.

With that, I had a challenge.

I started programming these scripts three months ago.  Before that keep in mind, I was still working on plugin programming and practicing my math.

What started as a single script to mimic the basic functionality of audiosuite snowballed when I had a chat with @markkilborn.  Mark loved the idea and even did my first beta test (thank you, Mark, for exposing that I initially made something totally broken and bush league) but wanted even more functionality.  Mark asked if it would be possible to process entire effect chains instead of just a single plugin.  He also wanted a mode to take away the loop preview.

Another challenge.

After talking to Mark, some companions who work with post-production mentioned it would be extremely useful if there were a non-destructive version.

With that, what started as 1 basic script turned into 8 and an entire set of tools meant for professional production use.  People from Popcap, Sledgehammer, Oculus, and Activision have already pre-ordered, to give you an idea.

So today’s the day it all gets unleashed on the world.

I hope it serves you well if you choose to buy it.  I plan on supporting it for any bugs and feature requests (yep, it’s not out and I’ve already had a few more requested features!) for quite a while.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported either through purchases, conversation, or social media.  You’ve made a dream and goal of mine possible, I can’t thank you enough!

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