Vital Stats:

Adam T. Croft


Current Residence
Seattle, WA

Greensboro, NC

International Audio Project Manager @ Lionbridge

Indie Work
Audio Programmer, eBay store co-owner

Personal Achievements
Husband to Kelsey (3yrs)

Occasional contract Audio Engineer, former CTS certified AV designer, Fairweather fan of Seahawks/Panthers/Raiders, BBQ snob




In more depth:

I’m the son of a designer and PR executive, born in a town my peers affectionately knew as “Greensboring” (It appears to be more hip today).

I earned my nerd card early, falling in love with computers and video games about as early as I can remember.  I was the proud owner of entirely too many video game systems and games (thanks, Mom!).  I also spent many hours learning to write web code and design websites — my original career aim.

By college, my love of loud music and entertainment turned into a fully fledged career path.  By 2008 I earned a B.A. in Theatrical Arts, shortly followed up by further education in studio recording and video game audio.  I turned this into a bit of a journeyman’s career working on films, commercials, live events, music, and more.

In 2013 I made the best decision (legitimately) I’ve made to this point in my life and got married to my wife Kelsey.  With that choice, I leveled-up in decision-making and other life skills (thanks, honey!), and cemented a permanent relocation to Seattle.

I spent a few years post-marriage settled into a career as an AV design engineer at Stantec and then WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff.  You can see some of my work around Seattle at Amazon, The Allen Institute for Brain Science, and the University of Washington among others.

In mid-2016 I moved to producing localized dialogue for video games and developing audio-related software.

If I’m not working, I’m generally trying to make my wife laugh, pretending I know what I’m doing with my DSLR, helping my wife sell handbags, being a fairweather fan of the Seahawks/Panthers/Raiders, or telling everyone that the only good BBQ place in Seattle is The Boar’s Nest.

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