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Sharing other’s work, Pt. 2

Earlier this week I wrote a post about others from my community who have been super inspiring to me as of late.

Today I’m going to keep expanding that list, for both your and my benefit.

Erik Petterson is another regular over at audiocoders.  The list of work he identifies himself with by itself is extremely cool – record label owner, DJ, producer, and audio programmer.  I wish I could do half of that even half decently!  He also recently saw fit to share details and pictures of what sounded like an amazing trip to Sri Lanka, and always seems to be doing something interesting.

If you work with Unreal Engine, you should know Aaron McleranDan Reynolds, and Ethan Geller.  What was formerly the dynamic duo of Unreal (Aaron & Dan) has now become the three musketeers.  Aaron is a regular dispenser of what we’ve come to refer to as “knowledge bombs” over at audiocoders.  Dan tag teams that, and does his own genius kung-fu regularly at gameaudio slack too.  Now that Ethan is involved, I see on a regular basis just how much I have to learn.  So thankful I get to read what these 3 have to say.

As I haven’t said enough about audio mentoring, I’m going to say a little more.  Ariel Gross is the tip of the spear for The Audio Mentoring Project.  There are plenty of others involved who you should know and thank too – but the origins started with Ariel.  I really don’t think you need more introduction on someone to scope them out if they’re devoting a huge chunk of volunteer time to get structured mentoring up and running for those in game audio.

Olver Sneyd, though empty on Twitter, has bent over backward to help a bunch of people on audiocoders.  He’s such a gentlemen that he personally helped me throw a last minute CV together AND got me started off on a decent track to learning C++!

Martin Atkins is my damn punk rock role model.  If you’ve ever seen a “get the fuck out of bed!” retweet from me, you’ve seen Martin.  If you’ve ever believed you could do something awesome with your own bare hands, here’s a guy who will not only agree with you but also scream “well, WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE IT ALREADY?!” at you.  With love, of course.  Just tough, Chicago-by-way-of-London punk rock love.

Jon Tidey is one of my favorite people on the planet right now.  I haven’t ever said that to him personally, but I mean that very sincerely (not kidding if you read this Jon!).  If you don’t know Jon, go click his name or visit The Reaper Blog right after reading this blurb.  This guy is one of the hardest working one-man-band shows I know, if not the hardest.  Jon engineers audio regularly, runs a “how-to” blog about Reaper which regularly posts videos and new content, puts out educational courses, runs a Slack channel, and gets pinged about once every 45 seconds with a Reaper question from one of at least 5 online channels.  Oh yeah, and he has a family.  Seriously, go support Jon on Patreon right now.  I don’t care if you don’t know him and don’t use Reaper.

Ok, ran out of time again.  We’ll probably do this more next week – there are too many awesome people out there not to keep it up!

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