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Sharing other’s work, Pt. 1

One of the coolest benefits of establishing and running a community gathering is that you suddenly become witness to what other people are working hard on.  You get to hear about the process, watch things and people grow.  Sometimes you’re lucky enough to bear witness to friendships, collaboration, and growth.

There’s a lot of times in #audiocoders where I go “wow… I never imagined this would happen when I started a chat room.”

So I want to shine a spotlight on some really cool people that you should pay attention to, who have been super inspiring to me and have happened into my circle in the last few months.

Almost every time I look at Twitter, Gabriel Koeing posts a screenshot of something from his upcoming game Jettomero.  If Jettomero were a comic book, I would own lots of issues and stare at the art for days.  I hope one day I can buy a real Jettomero print for my walls – I love seeing it daily that much.  Gabe grabs my attention for tons of reasons, but two in particular.  First, he’s regularly creating and sharing, which is inspiring to me.  Second, whether or not I have it right (I’ve never met him) what he creates exudes so much of what I imagine his personality to be, he has to be an awesome dude.  I highly encourage you to check out his stuff, and poke him to make prints!

My friend Chris Tammik has been making some pretty big waves via two blogs and his work on a custom Unity toolkit for A Shell in the Pit.  Chris is a good dude to know – as he’s always stoked for everyone around him.  Though I’m sure he must exist, I have yet to meet non-encouraging Chris.  Go follow some of what he has to share, I promise you’ll walk away happier and more intrigued for it.

You may not know a ton about Karl (Techno) Davis, but he’s one of the most frequent contributors to audiocoders.  He’s in a small group of people that I can’t thank enough for just showing up to make it a cool place.  Karl is someone you should pay attention to, not because of what he says or shares – but what he does.  Since the release of WAAPI he’s taken an idea I had (connecting up Reaper & Wwise) and run with it – hard.  He’s also working on a ray tracing simulator, and I’m sure has a ton of other projects in his head.

Bernard Rodrigue is one of a team of people I’m convinced are pushing Wwise (and game audio) into the future.  I’ve talked endlessly about the Wwise Authoring API – but I’m super convinced you’re about to see audio programming becoming a much more integral part of all audio.  Bernard and his teammates are going to be a big reason why.

Renzo G. Heredia took a one-off conversation we had in gameaudio Slack and turned it into his near daily mission.  As a part of staying focused and on-task it was encouraged that he share what he’s working on daily.  Now rarely a day goes by where I don’t see his morning “stand-up meeting” tweet.  Simply by sharing what he’s doing every day, it makes me think about what I’m working on.  Plus, in every picture, he looks so dang happy!

Ok – now your task is to go check out those people.  I have so many more to share, and not enough time to write it all up!  So I’ll leave you with these names for now, and give you more on Friday.

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