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The Audio Mentoring Project

A bunch of friends of mine have set up something really really cool.

If you don’t know, it takes a lot of hard work to break into any aspect of the audio industry in entertainment.  It’s invaluable to know someone who is already working who can walk you around common pitfalls.

It’s priceless to have one person’s ear and be able to listen to them and bounce ideas and frustrations off of them.

The community is working to make this a little easier with The Audio Mentoring Project.

I’ll be brief in explaining it because I’d rather you just click the link above.

In short, you sign up to be a mentor or mentee and get scheduled for your first of 4 sessions.  Afterward, you do an interview that gets recorded for use by the project about your experience.

In my case, it’s a chance to give back to the community.  Could be the same for you, or could be an opportunity to get help and learn from industry leaders.

I implore you to sign up, right now!

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