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The secret to success in 2017

The tweet above is the secret to life.  I’m not kidding.  I may have interesting and informative things to share – but that advice is some of the best I’ve got.

I’ve got some more personal-related updates today, so nothing major in the audio or programming realms.  Instead I’m going to let you in on some updates, where I’m at, and what you should expect in the near-ish future.

I share the aforementioned tweet for a few reasons:

  1. Martin Atkins is f*cking awesome.  If you don’t follow him on twitter, you need to right now.  Why you should is another blog entirely – but I’ve found that wise men and leaders are bred from experience.  Martin has a lot of experience with life and creative business.  There are few people I can say I’m thankful that they write, share, and have a twitter account — Martin is one of those people.
  2. His advice is 110% correct.  It is the building block for all success.
  3. Said advice is super applicable to my life in 2017 right now.

If you don’t interact with me on social channels you may not know that my wife and I are in the process of moving.  The day after we found a place we liked and decided we should commit to a move I found out my employment wasn’t as stable as previously thought.  It looks like both the moving and employment situations are going to be worked out fine — but the first few weeks of 2017 have been a bit ridiculous, to say the least.

In this time, however, I kept waking up in the morning and putting more effort in.  The PT Actions Kit will be going live shortly, I’ve put effort into growing the #audiocoders Slack channel, and of course — I’ve been posting to this blog.

The reaction to all of those things has been pretty amazing.  I have people coming out of the woodwork to provide support (thank you!), kind words, and even some potential work opportunities.  It’s been pretty incredible and definitely has shown that I’m putting my efforts in where I can create value for others.

So if you’ve been liking/retweeting, commenting, chatting, emailing, or whatever with me in 2017 I really appreciate you and want to say thanks!  I also hope that this kind of story encourages you – when you get knocked down, get the f*ck back up!

Other updates

My wife and I are slated to move soon – so in reaction to that, I’m going to be cutting down on the number of weekly blog posts for the near-ish future.  I’ve changed my posting policy from “every weekday” to “Monday, Wednesday, Friday”.  I want to make sure I rest and take care of myself, my family, and those who employ me.  I love providing something helpful for everyone – but the blog comes after all the other stuff.

In addition, I’m going to be using that extra time once we’re done moving to create more stuff for you.  Here’s what I’m looking at in the short-term that you may be interested in:

  • Full release of the PT Actions Kit, including 4-8 scripts and a Reaper keymap
  • A video tutorial version of the Introduction to Reascript
  • A beta version Reaper action to create SFX in Wwise directly from Reaper
  • Learning Reaper’s JSFX and creating another tutorial

Rest assured, there will be plenty more updates and more tools for you to use in the future.  I really love helping people, and this blog/these tools have been a great outlet for that – thank you for investing your time in me so far!

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