Introduction to Reascript Tutorial

As a sound designer or audio person, especially in games, programming is a skill that you always think would be a good idea to pick up… some day.

You might know how to make sounds, but you may barely know how to integrate sounds.  Perhaps you work with an engineer and it would be great to be able to speak more of a common language.

I made a small series to help you, and to make it really easy.

Reascript is a scripting language for the Reaper DAW.  If you read through the posts below in order, you’ll go from zero coding experience to having multiple scripts under your belt that actually do something useful to you as an audio person.  Plus I’ve tried to write them from your perspective, to make things easier to pick up.

Check out the series, I hope it’s useful to you:

  1. How to Read the Reascript API
  2. Write a Reascript: Hello World
  3. Commenting your Reascript
  4. Record Arm with Reascript
  5. Record Arm All Selected Track with Reascript
  6. Finishing your first Reascript
  7. How to turn one script into three

If you have any questions or run into trouble, ping me on twitter!

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