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Saying Thanks

If you don’t know already, I have a free book that you can currently pre-order which ships on Monday, July 12th.

Quite a few people have contributed to that book in one way or another over the many months I’ve spent writing, compiling, and editing the content.  I put up a message thread on Twitter yesterday thanking most of them, and I’d like to elaborate on those thanks here.  Hopefully, you’ll find some new people to follow and useful information for yourself!

Christer Kaitila (aka McFunkypants) most of you would know from #1GAM, or “One Game a Month”.  Though I’d spoken to Christer through Twitter, our closest interaction came through Gamkedo Club.  Christer gave me a ton of encouragement to finish and edit the book, and even tried to hook me up with a legitimate publisher!  Christer is definitely a man you should get to know, super kind and gentle, loves teaching and helping others, and just a great encouraging person.

Sean D’Souza and Sean McCabe are small business/marketing teachers.  I personally belong to Sean D’Souza’s small business mentoring membership site (5000bc) and it’s helped a ton with getting me going in the right direction to control my own income again.  Without both of these guys (especially D’Souza) and their work, my follow-through would have failed and this book wouldn’t exist.

Everyone at #audiocoders.  I can’t say enough about how awesome of an experience organizing and running audiocoders Slack has been.  If you’ve joined, contributed, or even just lurked – thank you.  You keep me humble every day.

Chris DeLeon runs and does plenty of work to help people make games.  Being surrounded by the group Chris has compiled, as well as Chris’ own creative output, regularly caused me to focus and remember that people really want to learn what I know and have to share!  Turned out to be true, I’ve almost 5x’ed my book pre-order goal/assumption.

Chris Prunotto is a Chicago-based Sound Designer who is extremely active in the online community.  We share a love of good hardcore music, which also means we love to scare people with our stereos.  I’m thankful to Chris, as he’s used a bunch of my content to learn and literally take his career to the next level.  Getting that kind of feedback really encourages me to put out work like this.

Barney Oram is a UK-based Sound Designer, who like Chris is also super active online.  Barney was one of the very first people to give me feedback on my online Reascript teaching content.  He’s also bounced a bunch of ideas off of me for tools and things that would help designers do better work.  Like Chris, without Barney’s feedback – I probably wouldn’t have pushed to turn out this book.

Mark Kilborn is a guy I’m in pretty huge thanks-debt to.  Between him and the next guy on the list, I wouldn’t have gotten my feet wet with a serious audio programming project without their input.  I wouldn’t have therefore learned a bunch about scripting for Reaper.  I, therefore, would have never written the content of this book to get people like me – audio professionals – off the ground to write a little code.  Mark may not have written any of the content I put out, but he was my most major champion of and beta tester for The Instant-Take Suite.  Making that is what caused me to learn all of the scripting that’s vital for this book.  So huge, huge, biggest thanks to Mark I can give.  Also, Mark’s just rad – so follow him!

Matthew Marteinsson is literally the initial reason this book exists.  If you extrapolate from Mark helping me write a big set of Reaper tools and ask why I even did that – you get to Matt.  Matt started everything just by mentioning to me that if Reaper had audiosuite functionality like Pro Tools – he’d consider using Reaper.  I responded with “let me see what I can do”, knowing full well I had very little idea what I was doing but needed a project to learn.  Well, now Reaper has audiosuite.  Matt also still hasn’t jumped to Reaper.  Love you, Matt!

Gordon McGladdery, who I was first introduced to as Matt’s partner in crime on BCAIGA, has been a huge champion of my work since I started putting out custom Reaper tools.  His team over at A Shell in the Pit is and has been super encouraging both to me, and the game audio community in general – regularly putting out content with good advice and skills to learn.  I’m also super thankful that Gord’s believed enough in me to let me help the ASITP team with their in-house tools work, getting more experience and working with a super rad joyous team.

Thank all of you guys for your support – and if you grab a copy, thank you for your support too!  You can grab a copy right here.

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