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New Release: Rapid Rename Tools

I’m really excited to announce to you today that I’m officially releasing my next set of Reaper scripts, Rapid Rename Tools.

This set of two scripts is designed for you to quickly and easily organize your sessions.

Rapid Item Rename allows you to select a group of items to quickly rename.  Each item will be renamed via the convention “Base Name_Number_Suffix”.  For multiple variations on version 2 of a punch sound, this would look like “Punch_001_v2, Punch_002_v2, Punch_003_v2” etc.

Rapid Track Rename allows you to select a group of tracks to quickly rename.  The naming convention is slightly different than the item renamer, where tracks will look like “Punch 1 v2, Punch 2 v2, Punch 3 v2” when using the aforementioned information.

These scripts are donationware (pay what you want)!  They are freely available to download right now, and if you see value in them and they save you time or stress I would really appreciate if you chose to support my efforts.

Go get them, right here!

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