Rapid Rename Tools

Rapid Rename Tools are two Reaper scripts that allow you to quickly rename items and tracks to more easily manage and organize your sessions.

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Quickly organize every item and track in your session!


Do you struggle with session management?

You render batches of items and have no easy way to rename them all.  Your tracks are organized by color because renaming hundreds of tracks takes too long.  You’ve even broken up sessions to smaller sessions just to manage it all.

Now all of that goes away – with Rapid Rename Tools.


Rename everything, with auto-iterating numbers

With Rapid Rename Tools you can define the name of your tracks or items.  Reaper will automatically add on numbers matching how many items you’ve selected, and add-on any suffix to the name you wish.

Each download of Rapid Rename Tools comes with the following:

  • Rapid Item Renamer
  • Rapid Track Renamer

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The Rapid Rename Tools are freely available to download right now – just for you.  If you find value in the tools, you can name your own price and support my work!

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