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Guy Somberg’s Lessons in Audio Programming

I’m going to share a sweet video about audio programming below, but before I do a few quick notes from this week:

In case you missed it, I’ve added two new pages to the site.  There is now an index of all the posts about beginning to program Reascripts for Reaper (I’d argue the easiest/fastest way to learn to code for non-coding audio people).  Also, I’ve posted a list of resources for audio-related programming for your perusal – books, courses, frameworks, etc.

Anyway, onto the rest…

I found a video on YouTube a few weeks ago that provided a big spark in my motivation to continue learning audio programming.  Guy Somberg’s GDC talk (below) delivers some really great messages on what an audio programmer for games is, what they do, what the experience is like, and even runs through engine code.

I found it massively useful and inspiring – I hope you do too!

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