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Beyond the PT Actions Kit

Though I’m very much focused on finalizing and putting out the PT Actions Kit, I do have some plans for what lies beyond.

Below is a list of the things I’m hoping to start or complete over the next year or so.

  1. Connecting Reaper to Wwise
    Of all audio programming projects I’ve either been asked about or asked if I would put in some input – this is definitely the biggest one.  Nuendo already has some of this capability, but Nuendo sits in a weird place with audio people where its following isn’t very vocal and it doesn’t have the “industry perception” of Pro Tools.

    Reaper’s user base, of course, is very vocal, though.  A lot of game audio sound designers are switching to Reaper these days, and with its extensibility comes a demand for extensions that make life easier.  This would be one.

    Realistically in a pretty quick fashion, I could whip up a hack job of hotkeys to make common functions work.  Also realistically it would take me really learning C++ well to establish some kind of middle-man between the two softwares.

  2. Learning JSFX
    For those of you unfamiliar – JSFX is another Reaper-specific programming language, like EEL (see Intro to Reascripting).  However, JSFX differs from EEL as it is primarily used to build actual audio-affecting plugins.  Think if you were to build a VST that only worked in Reaper…

    This makes sense as the next quick logical step because realistically it shouldn’t be that difficult to learn.  Much like Reascript is should serve as a launching-off point for other work.

  3. Reascript Video Course
    Stemming from my Introduction to Reascript Tutorial, I’d like to build a full video course on the subject.  The idea would be to start with an individual who is interested in audio but has zero programming knowledge, and walk them through to their first few scripts.

    I think it’s safe to say you’ll see something like this in the Spring if there’s interest.

  4. Get a Masters degree
    I really want to pursue a Ph.D in Digital Arts and Experimental Media through the University of Washington.  However to do that I need to cross two barriers: application requirements, and money.

    The first step to doing this would be to attain a Master’s degree.  I think I’ve found one that I could complete online via Texas Tech (Master of Arts in Strategic Communication & Innovation).  Again, money quickly becomes a barrier to doing this – I’m not taking out more student loans.  But this would be the first step down to doing the Ph.D.

    I feel strongly about the fact that if you want to try and do something difficult, you just start working on it.  The barriers to entry may seem insurmountable, but I find that if you just start they tend to fall away.

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