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Wwise & UE4 – Early Access

If you like to be on the bleeding edge – this week is a super good time for you.

We’ve had a bunch of new developments this week I want to make sure that you don’t miss!

Wwise 2017.1 Alpha Access

Wwise 2017.1 is the upcoming version with the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI).  It also includes Wwise Spatial Audio.  If hooking Wwise to other applications and playing around with spatial audio interests you – you should go register for early access!

Unreal Opens up Audio Forums

Epic (makers of Unreal Engine) have opened up a new forum specifically devoted to audio.  The fantastic gentlemen working on Unreal’s upcoming new audio engine are directly accessible there and ready for your questions, input, and commentary!

Unreal Audio Engine available via Github

If you have a Github account, you can sign up to get access to the Unreal Engine Github repository.  If you pull down the latest code, a lot of the new audio engine code is already built in for you to explore and play around with.

Get Started with the UE4 Audio Engine

Additionally, Dan from Epic has posted an awesome, ridiculously detailed, early access primer to the 4.16 audio engine and capabilities.  Dan covers getting started, the UE4 modular sub synth, granular synths in UE4, using source effects, and using submixes.  It clearly took a bunch of time for him to write all this up, and it’s all freely available for you to play with!

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