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Unreal’s New Audio Engine

In a similar vein of my last post, I want to expose your eyes to great work from other awesome people.

Unless you’re tied pretty closely to Unreal Engine, you’re part of the #audiocoders Slack (tweet me if interested), or you follow Aaron Mcleran – you might not know that Aaron and minions of his choosing have been rebuilding Unreal’s audio engine.  When I say rebuilding, I mean like… making a brand new one.  From scratch.

Aaron’s gone pretty deep into detail on it, and his future hopes and dreams to us in the #audiocoders channel.  In the video below you’ll get the chance to listen to him nerd out over all of the things they’ve been quietly working on to make the audio experience better in Unreal.  His bit starts around 10 minutes in, and you should definitely take the time to listen to it all.  The man has an awesome depth of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Also short rant on the video’s content – I know it’s never going to change, but it sucks that we always have to make some visual analogy to explain a concept in audio.  MLJ coined sound cameras, now Aaron’s comparing audio engines to graphics renderers.  Come on y’all!  Learn some shit in a non-visual fashion!  GAH!

I’m pretty thankful to him (thanks Aaron!) for coming onto the #audiocoders channel early and clearly expressing a lot of excitement for the sharing of audio programming knowledge.  I’m glad to share more of his perspective and work here for you too!

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