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UE4 Audio, Blueprints & C++

I love learning, a lot.  Once upon a time I used to shy away when someone would offer to throw me into the deep end.  That time has come and gone.

I’ve been afforded the opportunity to jump in both feet first once again by helping some of my Canadian friends with some technical work on an upcoming Unreal Engine title.

“But you’ve talked about Unreal before – so, what’s new Adam?” you say.

You’re right, I have.  But I haven’t had to do much in the way of programming work for UE4 before.  It looks like I’ll get to do that now, and I’m super excited.

As a result of that, I’ve had to dump my brain into a bunch of resources.  Some of these I’ve pointed out before, others I haven’t.  But below are some videos and courses I’ve been looking at, which may be helpful if you’re crossing into the technical side of UE4 audio!

Zak Belica (Audio Director @ Epic) trains you on audio and Blueprints

Aaron Mcleran (Senior Audio Director) & Dan Reynolds (Technical Sound Designer) showcase Unreal Audio 4.16+

Aaron & Dan showcase explain Blueprints & showcase Procedural Audio in UE4

C++ Crash Courses (for additional UE4 customization)


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