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The dichotomy of words

Entertainment is both good and evil.

Don’t believe me?  Let Merriam-Websters blow your mind.

Here’s the definition of Entertainment:

amusement or diversion provided especially by performers

Amusement or diversion?!?!

If you think about this – I can pretty easily bring you back to a place of normalcy.  Many people play video games not only for fun but as an escape.  Right?  You won’t really bat an eyelash at that, even if it actually might not be healthy.

But what about your phone?  What about Facebook and Twitter?  What about the endless rabbit hole of YouTube?

Are they actually amusement for you?  Or are they diversion?  If they’re a diversion – what are they diverting your attention from?

It’s a bit heavy, I know.

But if you want to truly affect things that are important to you in life, you need to answer that question.

I’ve turned most of the notifications off on my phone, no more email popups on my desktop, and I’m trying my hardest to close programs and tabs that are not my current focus.  Why?

Time and attention are my most important currencies.  Companies fight for them every day.

Meanwhile, I can miss out on:

  • Focusing on my wife
  • Focusing on friends/loved ones
  • Focusing on work I actually want to accomplish
  • Getting outside
  • Exercising
  • Cooking good food
  • Resting, actually doing nothing and enjoying it

I’m not saying anything new here – you’ve read this all over the internet.  But it’s a little mind-boggling how one word can go from “innocent fun time” to “diversion that’s detrimental to your life” right?

There’s a fine line and all I’m saying is you should pay attention to it.

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