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Thankful for good people

I just caught this post by blogger and serial startup artist John Saddington.  It’s good, go click it.

In it, John references a tweet from Bill Gates.  Bill recently tweeted out a series of things for the class of 2017, but one, in particular, caught John’s eye (#7 below):

This also reminded me of a great tweet from @arthurvonnagel:

All of this content is a great reminder to me.  Not only surround yourself with great people, keep them and thank them profusely.

Like Arthur, John, and Bill – I have a fantastic wife, who makes me way better than I am and have been without her.

Here’s what I replied to Arthur:

When I first got to Seattle (where I now live), I became so broke that a tax return paid my rent at one point.  Then I got to the point where I made a living, but it was “a living” for a single, unmarried guy with no major future planned, no way to support anyone if he chose to.

That’s who my wife chose to date and marry.

You’re free to see my income as enough if you don’t have the aspirations for a marriage or family – but by dating her, I was intending to have a future with her in it.  I wasn’t providing much hope for a supportive future at the time.

Thankfully, to her infinite credit, she believed in me much more than I believe in myself.  It worked out, we’re in a pretty fantastic spot, and she constantly pushes me to be a better human tomorrow than I am today.

I am incredibly thankful.

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