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Strive for Rest

Rest is underrated.

This is a lesson I’ve known I need to learn for years, but honestly I’m still trying to wrap my mind around exactly how to rest.

You can think of rest in a literal sense – sleeping, laying on the couch with a book or TV, maybe “recharging” is a better word.

Though I do think that is underrated — that’s not the kind of rest I mean.

I’m talking about being at peace with who you are and where you’re at.  I’m also talking about being at peace with waking up tomorrow and knowing that realistically there’s a lot out of your control.

I’m not referring to meditation or mindfulness.  Perhaps those are paths some people take to get to a sense of rest in themselves, but that’s not really where I feel like I belong.

I believe the more that you can wake up satisfied with who you’ve been made to be, who you are, and wherever you may be going — your daily life will be less shakeable.

So don’t forget when you’re working, striving, and toiling to be better, what may be more important is being satisfied if none of those things work out.  Always work for them, but don’t pin your life, hopes, and streams on striving for wind that isn’t under your command.

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