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Show Up

This tweet challenged me real hard:

Ed’s a boxer and author with a vast array of controversial opinions.  I follow him precisely because his words are hard, and I do better when my environment encourages challenge.

What’s funny is this – the day after reading that tweet, I’m struggling super hard to come up with a “good” post.

Whatever “good” means to me is an entirely different subject and post – but know that I’m struggling to put out any content at all.  Despite this, I know the key to mastery over time is simply the practice of putting out any content at all.

The truth of it is – I don’t have a hell of a lot of “meat” to put in this post that I’m excited about, for a variety of reasons.

But I hope that you can read this and see a few things:

  • When you’re learning and putting in practice, it’s not okay to not show up.
  • You can suck today, so long as you show up.
  • If you keep showing up, you will suck less over time.
  • You will always have days where you suck, but show up anyway.
  • Don’t stop showing up.

So when you’re putting out your own work and you’re not feeling it, make sure that at the very minimum you put some effort in.  Maybe you don’t get the results you want.  Maybe you call it a day a bit early and rest.

But always show up.  Be lenient on yourself with the rest.


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