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Proving Yourself Wrong

Proving yourself wrong

Sometimes life is difficult.  You feel beaten down, uninspired, and stuck in a rut.  Maybe your aspirations have been pulled from you, you’re held back creatively.  Maybe you’re just comfortable.

Without dreams and goals, I personally feel very lost.  Though I don’t self-identify as much with being a workaholic as Ii used to – if I don’t have a project with a goal I don’t really know what to do with myself.  Literally, daily life becomes a struggle.

When I’m left with nothing to aspire to, I begin to doubt that I can even accomplish anything.  Difficult goals I set for myself become impossible mountains, where even taking the first step to climbing them seems pointless.  I get Eeyore syndrome – if I know that I’m not going to succeed, why should I even try?

So I need regular challenges.  But even this isn’t easy, as challenges are two things for me – scary, and good.

Without challenges, I don’t grow and I don’t become a better person.  This really is a nice way of saying that if I’m not pushing into things where I know I’ll fail a lot, I’m not living life right.  But failure is scary, hard, and it sucks.  I would prefer to consistently feel good about myself.  But to legitimately feel good sometimes it means falling down as much as it means standing up with your fists in the air.

This isn’t supposed to be advice for anyone, so much as it is leveling with you – my reader – emotionally.

For me, right now, it’s important to remember that when faced with obstacles that could lead to thinks like stagnation and self-induced depression, I’m not alone.  Struggles are a growing and learning part of being human, and it’s good and okay to not know the exact path to take to get to where you want.

What’s more important is that you focus on something and you persist in it.  You walk miles by putting one foot in front of the other – even without a destination in mind.

So when you’re reaching for your dreams, trying to climb your mountains, and you feel held back and alone know this…

Those words you’re hearing?  It’s only the voice in your head.

If you’re anything like me, that voice is a loser and a jerk who likes nothing more than to make you feel bad.  So don’t listen, and get to doing whatever it is that the voice is telling you that you’ll never do.

If you can prove others wrong, you can prove yourself wrong too.

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