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Mark Kilborn on Working Class Audio

My friend @MarkKilborn was interviewed by Matt Boudreau of Working Class Audio during GDC2017 last week.  If you’re interested in the fields of game audio and sound design, it’s a definite must-listen.

Matt’s a smidge out of his element when talking about game sound, which makes this interview 100x more interesting than the usual podcast interview where two individuals who do extremely similar things chum it up.  Instead, you get to learn right alongside Matt as Mark drops a lot of very game industry-specific knowledge, such as:

  • Ageism in the industry
  • What studios are really looking for in hiring audio staff
  • How much competition there is for new hires
  • The realities of working in games & having a family
  • The financial realities of living & working on the west coast

It’s a great interview, super highly suggest you go listen to it and check out Matt’s back catalog.

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