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Magic art


Never forget that audio is truly a magic art.

Your second job, after communicating on behalf of your client, is to make magic.

I think what we do as audio professionals is summed up really well in this clip by Penn & Teller, where they demonstrate how to saw a woman in half (warning: NSFW).

A lot of Penn & Teller’s early act (and still some today) revolved around “demonstrating how conventional magic is done”.

The steps in the process as shown in the video are:

  1. Explain the trick you’re about to see
  2. Demonstrate the original trick
  3. Expose one way the original trick was done
  4. Turn the illusion on its head and amplify the original trick

Most people don’t know how your sound effects are created.  Remember that when you expose your magic, it’s much less effective and people then believe what you do isn’t really special.

But take advantage of that, turn it on its head and use it as an opportunity to blow the minds of your clients and your peers.

Because while you might know that you only got that demon sound because your dog had a cold one day – it was only the beginning of magic.


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