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Listen First

As an audio professional I’m pretty ashamed to admit that I’ve had to learn something that you would imagine would come pretty naturally to me.

Relationships – professional or personal – are built on listening first.

People, even those quiet reserved ones, are dying for someone to take an interest in them.  Most people look at the Facebook highlight reels of others and only look back on themselves as boring without much to share.

If you take an interest, truly listen to others, and appreciate what they have to say, you have a solid initial building block of a fantastic relationship.

This counts in business – where you gain your client’s interest in you and trust by being interested in them first.

This counts in friendships – where if you find common ground, you could be building a deep friendship filled with laughter and fun.

This counts in romance – where deep knowledge, understanding, and trust with vulnerability are all built on internalizing your significant other by hearing and experiencing who they are.

You can almost never go wrong when building a bond, just by taking the time to shut your mouth and truly listen.  Don’t look at your phone, don’t doze off, don’t daydream, and don’t shrug them off.Listen and find something to be interested in by the most boring person you know.

Listen and find something to be interested in by the most boring person you know.  Trust me, they’ll appreciate it – and you’ll realize how much you’ve been missing out on by not doing it earlier.

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