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Giving Your Best

Here’s a question you should ponder, if you haven’t already:

What does it take for you to give someone your best?

You’ll be tempted to focus this externally, with things like:

  • I need to get paid fairly
  • No crunch, ever
  • If my boss is a dick, I can’t do good work
  • My work environment has to be peaceful, or social
  • If my significant other is mad with me, I can’t do shit

Instead, take some time to ponder this question and make a list full of the things you can control.  Something like:

  • I need a full night’s sleep.  If I fall asleep by 9:30 I feel fantastic.
  • I need to eat well.  I feel best when I cook and eat meats, fruit, and vegetables.
  • I need some quiet time, 15-20 minutes of silence during the day helps me relax.
  • I need a challenge – if I don’t have a goal, I watch YouTube all day
  • I need to be learning, as repetitive tasks drive me up a wall
  • I need to have a hobby, because I can’t always focus on work or I’ll burn out
  • If I get angry or depressed, I fall apart.  I need to have a mechanism to deal with that in case it happens.

Providing value to others is the basis of a vast majority of the things you do.  This could be for friendships, romantic relationships, or business.  If you can’t take care of yourself, then you’re going to have a hard time taking care of others – think about the order in which you’re supposed to put on an airplane oxygen mask.

Take 5 minutes to think about this and scratch out your own list.  I’d love to hear what’s on yours – ping @adamtcroft

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