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Free Beginner C++ Course

I’ve been spending a good chunk of time getting acquainted with C++.  If you’re looking to get neck deep in audio programming (ie: anything that affects the properties of audio itself), you’re going to want to tackle C++ eventually.

There’s a number of good books on the subject, but I’ve also spent time looking for videos and online courses as well.  I’ve come across one that I like over at Cave of Programming.

John Purcell has 2 courses, the beginner one is free and “advanced” is $29, so everything is incredibly affordable.

As with any other tutorial/course, John leads you through all the basic concepts before sending you into creating a fully functional program.  The part I really like about the beginner course is you wind up creating a visual particle fire system with SDL.  SDL also has audio-related code in the library as well, so if you get a little acquainted it shouldn’t be too hard to pick it up and play around a bit.

Additionally, John takes his approach to teaching pretty slowly.  You don’t quickly jump from one concept to the next.  Instead, most everything builds on itself very gradually.  While this may initially be frustrating, you’ll be thankful when you get into more difficult concepts and actually building out program bits yourself.

So if this has been something you’ve been looking to dive into – this is definitely an entry point I’d recommend.  Good luck!

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