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Forge Yourself

How intimidated are you by disagreement and confrontation?  If somebody calls you or your ideas stupid, how to you respond?

Or even better – are you intimidated to speak or work due to the fear of how your thoughts, ideas, and work will be received?

If you hold back, you need to quit.

Most of my hopes, thoughts, dreams, and ideas aren’t super controversial (some are, or can be).  But I’ve realized the fact that without some disagreeable voices in my life, I won’t grow.

This came early for me – and it probably has hit you in some simple ways.

Have you ever had a parent or elder say “you’ll never become a musician/sound designer/creative” or “do you know how hard it is to do that?”

Have you ever had coworkers or industry colleagues say that your idea will never work, or it’s dumb?

How you handle these things can literally change you.

Most people, unfortunately, will cower.  They will walk away mad, and start name-calling the disagreeable voice behind their back.  “That person is stupid!  They don’t know what they’re talking about!  They’re an asshole!”  They will not, however, actually talk with that person if they can help it.

That’s not brave, that’s weak.

Brave is figuring out your opinion, why, and attempting to comfortably articulate it.  That takes time, thoughtfulness, and a lot of energy.

It also has no promise of being met well by the disagreeable voice.

But it’s more important that you treat that disagreement with dignity – there is, in fact, another person that it’s sourced from.  They’re often just as dumb and misled as you are, and you know how dumb and misled you are.  If you don’t – I don’t know that I can help you.

You’ll learn a lot from these moments.  Likely at the end of the day, you’ll be thankful someone voiced their opinion.  You may not agree with them, you may not come to a consensus of understanding, but you’ll grow as a person.  You’ll definitely form your own clear opinions, and start treating others with more dignity and respect when you do disagree with them.

Plus – the world just needs to hear your thoughts and ideas, to see your vision, and watch you execute.  You will inspire others.

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