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Everything is Temporary

I have a very tempestuous relationship with time.

On one hand, I largely focus on it – I have a nearly constant sense of impending doom that I don’t have enough time.  Truthfully, my time in it will not be long.

On the other hand, emotionally, I largely ignore or lament current time in favor or the past or future.  I long for times of the easy proximity-related friendships of school and hope for the future life I’m building with my wife.

But I rarely sit down to appreciate what I have, and where I am.  Yesterday, I was reminded of this.

Technology doesn’t ever help matters either.  Instead of focus and assistance, it generally simply provides entertainment.  One of the words Merriam-Webster uses to define entertainment is diversion.

All this to say it’s good practice to look at what you have.  I can say with complete certainty, that whatever you look at will go away.  Your friends will change, your family will pass on, you’ll change homes, you’ll be in a different city (or your loved ones will), your job will change, your interests will be different, money will disappear, pets will pass away, projects will end, etc.

I understand you can (and probably will) largely view that as depressing.  It is only depressing if you frame it that way.

Instead – realize you’re on the receiving end of a gift.  Every gift has a shelf-life.  For better or worse it will never be the same as it is right now.  Some things will end up even better than they currently are.  Some things you’ll be sad to lose.

But if you’re staring at your screens, it’s really, really hard to appreciate much of anything.

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