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Communicate first

Diverting your attention today to my friend @mattesque.

Matt wrote a blog a few days ago and I feel like it deserves your eyeballs.

My thoughts on it real quick…

The TL;DR version of what Matt’s saying is – in my opinion – that your job as an audio professional is communication first.

With every sound that’s produced, be it designed or mixed or what have you – the question you should be consistently asking yourself is “what am I trying to communicate here?”.  That question should be followed very closely by “am I communicating that effectively?”.  That might be followed by asking that 2nd question again to someone who isn’t you.

When you aim for “art” or “meaning” first, a lot of times you end up actually communicating nothing at all.  At the worst, you end up with mixed messages.  You can’t have “deep” meaning to your work without understanding how to effectively communicate simple, even obvious things first.

“You grabbed a power-up” or “this is the part where everyone in the crowd sings along with the chorus” might hit you in the face, but it’s nearly impossible to learn subtlety without learning the obvious first.

You didn’t start off communicating and writing in English well at age 4 right?

Before you go off saying “Well Adam, I don’t even know that I’m particularly good at English now…” realize that you’re phenomenal at age 4 English now, none of your letters are backward.

The game changed because you excelled – the same way the game changes as you learn how to effectively communicate via audio.

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