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Breaking through darkness

FYI – this post has nothing to do with audio, programming, or business/work.  It’s emotionally heavy.  If you need to avoid topics related to abuse and violence, feel free to skip this one.

Sometimes the most inspiring thing you encounter is also the most difficult.

Personally, I really want to avoid writing this blog today.  I’m not comfortable with the subject matter.  I also don’t view myself as that empathetic of a person.  While emotions themselves aren’t that difficult for me – compassion is.

But the courage of another brings out difficult and unexpected responses.

In this case, a light shone in darkness entirely changed my day.  I hope that it can and will do the same for you.

Stephanie Hurlburt, who works as a tech business owner here in Seattle, saw fit to publicly share her story of escaping abuse yesterday.  I read the whole thing, and it was painful.  It sucked, but it was supposed to.

It was also incredibly powerful, and a demonstration of true courage.

Normally I would stay a million miles away from a story like this and choose not to engage.  I don’t honestly know why this is different – I’m literally working through these thoughts as I type.

All that I can say for certain is that you should read this.  Especially if it’s difficult.

When you first wake up in the morning your eyes are adjusted to the darkness, you might not see everything but you can generally make your way well enough to avoid being hurt too badly.  Turn on a light, however, and your eyes are scalded – they immediately close.  It hurts to open them for a minute before you adjust.

That’s the metaphor for her story.  Her post is a hell of a lot of light.

If you live in darkness you should read this – abuser or abused.  If you don’t deal with this often you should read this – as a reminder of what you have and your capability to love others.

That’s all I’ve got.  I’m going to let Stephanie’s story speak for itself.  I hope you find something powerful in it like I did.  If nothing else I’m dumbfounded by the amount of courage she’s shown by acting.  I’m simultaneously humbled and super inspired by it.

Though I don’t know Stephanie personally, I’m super thankful she chose to share and I’m proud of her too.

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