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Batch Files on Github

Recently I’ve started using the command line pretty heavily, especially for workflow and file management purposes.

In my regular job (not the work here) I’m generally managing thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of assets.  Due to that, my biggest enemy tends to be human error.  Thus my strive to automate and build tools for a lot of my work (which, in turn started this site of mine).

So I just threw up a selection of batch files I use on Github as an open source project.  I don’t think there’s anything necessarily particularly earth shattering, but it’s certainly fun to launch processes, browsers, and get file lists from the command line.  Processing file lists between excel and shifting file locations is a very integral part of what I do daily, so it’s a big deal for me!

If you have any cool, interesting, or helpful command line batch files you use – feel free to add to the project!

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