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Audiokinetic wants your input

Maximilien from Audiokinetic has done a super nice favor for those of us in the game audio community and has posted an open forum for feature requests in regards to Wwise’s upcoming Authoring API.

“Great” I can hear you say… “but what does this mean for me?”

I’m glad you ask!  It means a bunch of very important things.  Even if you don’t use Wwise!

If you do use Wwise, then imagine your dream workflow as it relates to using middleware and ask for the moon!  Would you like things such as:

  1. Direct connection to Wwise from your DAW (auto import on render, RTPC controls, etc)
  2. Direct connection to Wwise from your library management tool (Soundminer, Basehead, etc.)
  3. Mix controls from Wwise and metering directly in your game engine
  4. Custom external control surfaces
  5. Any other way to interact with or control Wwise that you can imagine!

If you don’t use Wwise – I’m still going to recommend you give your input.  Why?

  1. Competition breeds innovation which breeds competition.  Do you use FMOD and want to see something similar?  Then if Wwise’s API does well, we’re more likely to see FMOD include something similar.
  2. The more that external tools are incorporated into Wwise, the more likely you are to see things like native Nuendo integration.  Want to see other DAWs get connected?  Push for it!
  3. More custom sound design oriented control surfaces.  Again, this has the potential to create new markets if you ask for products – so ask!!

Alright – I hope you don’t need any more encouragement.  Go login to the Audiokinetic Community Q&A site now and give them your feedback and requests!

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