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Audio Plugin Math Simplified

To write audio plugins, you have to know a little bit about how audio filters work.  In your scouring of the interwebs, you may find that a lot of it is explained by good ‘ol math.  A lot of you who look into this and are inclined to create audio-related programs may be great at math.

I’m not of your ilk, unfortunately.  I straight up suck at math, and it takes a lot of hard work for me.

So I really appreciated yesterday when @michael_klier presented the sweet video below in #audiocoders Slack.  It’s an hour and twenty minute video explaining exactly how the math equations of audio filters work, in layman’s terms (meaning he talks a lot about samples in time rather than the equations themselves).  For bonus points, he also visualizes it for you with a handy-dandy live graph.

So if you’ve ever been inclined to learn the functions behind your programs, watch below!

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