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ADC ’17 Talks

The 2017 edition of the Audio Developers Conference recently wrapped up over in England.

ADC is a multi-day event of speakers, brought together by ROLI (known for Blocks, Seaboard, and JUCE), all focused on audio-related programming. This year’s event was broadcast live over YouTube, and thus for all of us is now able to be watched on-demand!

Here are some direct links to each day’s playlist:
ADC ’17 Keynotes
ADC ’17 Talks Day 1
ADC ’17 Talks Day 2

If you’ve got no idea where to start, here’s a few specific videos I’m jumping into:
Friedemann Schautz – “The Development of Ableton Live”
Martin Shuppius – “Physical Modeling of Guitar Strings”
Varun Nair, Hans Fugal – “Spatial Audio at Facebook”
Yvan Grabit – “VST3 History, Advantages and Best Practices”
Julian Storer – “Does your code actually matter?”
Jan Konig – “Introduction to Cross Platform Voice Applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant”
Don Turner “Build a Synth for Android”

There’s plenty more for you to dive into and get inspired by beyond those – go check it out!

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