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How to Ruin Your Best Laid Plans

I have a real bad habit I’m trying to break, and it’s incredibly difficult to do so.

You know those people who have their life plans all laid out?  The know exactly what they’re going to do, when they’re going to do it, what they want out of life, etc.

That’s me, and been me for quite a long time now.

But I’m also learning that it might not be the most advantageous to be that kind of person.

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We Are Not in A Race

A few years back I quit logging into Facebook.  It’s literally one of the best decisions I ever made in life.  I mean that in serious honesty.

I’ve considered doing the same for Twitter, but I’ve ended up making judicious use of “unfollow” and “mute” functions instead.  I don’t equate my social media with friendship, and have regularly unfollowed/muted people I care very deeply about.

You’ve also probably read the story where Aziz Ansari quit the internet.

I’m not advocating removing yourself from the internet, but I want to make a point.

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The Path to Avoid Wrong Decisions

Since putting out a resource guide about where to start with audio programming, I’ve had a quite a few people reach out.  Here’s some of what they say:

“I understand the basics of programming and of audio processing but I have a hard time mentally justifying diving deeper”

“[I’m struggling] with making the connection between function and purpose for audio programming”

“I seem to be completely surrounded by options and directions and I’m not sure what path to take”

“My current biggest frustration is finding out how to start”

All of these comments seem to be summed up best by that last one – lots of people are interested, but are so overwhelmed that starting seems to be too much work.  Or, as the first example states – “it’s hard to mentally justify”.

Because if someone just said “Start here, do this one action” it would be easy, right?

Instead, most of you are doing some mental cost/benefit math hoping to be certain of your return on investment.

I can’t answer what you specifically are looking for as “a good return” – it’s probably that you want a job, or money.  But it could be something different.

I can tell you two things, however:

  1. How to make starting easy, and get a path for how to continue
  2. What your ROI is, even if it’s not immediate money, and why that’s worth your time

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Where to Start with Audio Programming

I’ve made something for you, as a thanks for reading and your support.

If you’ve ever considered picking up programming, but it seems daunting and you don’t know where to start – I made a solution for you.

I know this decision is difficult – so if you sign up below, you’ll get “Made from Scratch – Where to Start with Audio Programming” a 12-page resource designed to help you find the perfect starting place.  The whole thing is divided up into various interests, and gives you relevant links to sink your teeth into.

Here’s a screenshot of the index, just to give you an idea:

"Made from Scratch" Index
There’s all sorts of topics to choose from


You can grab it right now by signing up below

Get your copy of

Made from Scratch

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The First Reason You Don’t Get What You Want

Have you ever made a list of the things that you want to do in life?  Even a small one – maybe the places you’d want to vacation, or the gear you want, or the things you want to learn.  What stops you from moving forward?

Money, and time – right?  If you had more money you’d take a sweet vacation, or buy a fancy preamp, or a super nice car.  Plus you’ve been told that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything you want to learn, and who has that kind of time?!

But that’s actually not right.  That’s not why you don’t go do the things you really want to do.

The primary reason – is you don’t know where, or how, to start.  Or to put it a different way, you don’t know what to focus on.

If you had a clear cut path to make more money and work less, and you understood that, you’d take it.

If you had a clear cut path to learn a new skill, and were given a reasonable amount of time to complete your goal – you’d likely jump on it, even if not immediately.

Instead we live in a world of information overload.  With articles that promise to teach you the 5 Best Ways to Get Rich This Year or How to lose fat, and still eat all the pizza you want!  Advice that, on one hand, sounds great – but a week in you can’t keep up the work.  Then it seems like failure, and you hunt for a new place to start – the one that sticks this time.

I’ve gone through this a bunch.  I wanted to learn audio programming, how to speak multiple foreign languages, how to put on muscle and work out, how to write books, etc.  I also never wanted to pay, because I never felt I had the money.  I also didn’t have time, because I’m always busy and tired.

But through trial and error, I’ve recognized that one of the keys is this – simply knowing where to start.

So for those of you who want to learn programming, and learn how to do it with audio – I mean making plugins, playing with DSP, custom-coding actions and extensions in Reaper/Wwise/FMOD/Unreal/Unity, making sounds and music in Pure Data or Max/MSP, coding your own synthesizer, or just making your own WinAMP – I’m working on download to give you the starting point.

So for you to succeed, that’s one barrier gone.  You just have to choose what sounds cool to you today, click a link, and start.  You can get it on August 18th (that’s this Friday), just sign up below and I’ll email it directly to you.

Get notified

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Announcing: New Audio Programming Resources

A little tease for you today.  I’ve been working on a new version of my audio programming resources, with the intention of removing all your barriers to getting started.  I intend to give you plenty of signposts, no matter if your interest is plugin development, custom actions, DSP, or visual scripting (PD & Max/MSP).

Here’s a little screencap:

So – are you interested?

If you are, then go ahead and sign up below!  It’s free!  You’ll get the new resources in your email by August 18th (that’s this Friday)

Sign up here to notified when it is released

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Discomfort is your Friend

When you’re an adult, there’s inherent discomfort in pushing yourself and taking risks.  It seems like you need to be calculated.  The older you get, the more odds are against you.

I don’t believe that to be true.

If you have children, think about how they take to risk.  If you don’t have children, think about the time your parents yelled at you for trying to touch a stove burner or stick something in a light socket (you know you did this – stop looking at me awkwardly).

So instead of trying to figure out why you don’t take as many risks as you did when you were 5 (it would clearly be bad if you tried to match the number now), evaluate your status as an adult and ask yourself if you take enough risks period.

Do you try new dishes at restaurants, or order the same thing?  Do you always go to the same restaurants – or have you tried someplace new?

Do you always listen to the same music, or with honest ears have you tried branching out?

Have you pigeon-holed yourself, your life experiences, and your opportunities to just what you know and what you’re comfortable with?

Are you too comfortable?

I don’t need to answer this question for you.  As a reading, breathing, living adult you can honestly evaluate your own boundaries.

But if you need to push them, be honest and push them.  You’ll thank yourself later that you did, forget about me.

Just remember, discomfort is your friend, not your enemy.

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Keep Consistent

How do you learn, advance, improve, and succeed?

Through consistency.  Hard work is 2nd.

I’ve been working on tackling C++ concepts through particle visualization for a number of weeks now.  Here’s what I have to show for it:

Whatever you’re working on, whatever your hopes and dreams are – keep going – you’ll get there!

I hope to have more audio-related C++ for you to follow along with soon.

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The Joy of Meeting Strangers

Earlier this week @maxspsound pinged me to tell me he was in town and we should get together.

What started as a simple “hey what are you up to this week?” eventually ballooned into me +14 total strangers at a sushi restaurant that was ill-prepared for our presence because I’d readied them for only 10.  Plus somehow my reservation didn’t get through.

Think about that for a second.  Does meeting 14 strangers (except for some internet conversations) and a completely ill-prepared dinner sound like something you’d be really excited to get out of the house for?

Probably not.  But maybe sometimes, it should be.

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Why You’re Already Failing at Mentorship

Everyone’s a mentor.

There are only two questions that extend out from that fact.

  1. How many people are you mentoring?
  2. How good of a mentor are you.

Everyone’s a mentee.

There are three questions that extend out from that fact.

  1. Who are your mentors?
  2. Are they any good? (Or, are they actually helping you achieve your goals)
  3. Are you cutting out all other bullshit?

I can guarantee you that 100% of you who read this are failing hard at one of those two roles.  You may not even have considered you’re actively participating.  Let me wax further…

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