UE4 Audio, Blueprints & C++

I love learning, a lot.  Once upon a time I used to shy away when someone would offer to throw me into the deep end.  That time has come and gone.

I’ve been afforded the opportunity to jump in both feet first once again by helping some of my Canadian friends with some technical work on an upcoming Unreal Engine title.

“But you’ve talked about Unreal before – so, what’s new Adam?” you say.

You’re right, I have.  But I haven’t had to do much in the way of programming work for UE4 before.  It looks like I’ll get to do that now, and I’m super excited.

As a result of that, I’ve had to dump my brain into a bunch of resources.  Some of these I’ve pointed out before, others I haven’t.  But below are some videos and courses I’ve been looking at, which may be helpful if you’re crossing into the technical side of UE4 audio!

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FMOD supports Javascript customization

You can file this under “I’m not sure how I didn’t know this exists.”

Last week I received news of a potential opportunity where audio middleware is going to be required.  However, the project is going to need some flexibility so custom scripting is a must.

I’ve been beating the drum about how fantastic I think it is that Wwise is going big on a custom scripting API.  What I didn’t know is that apparently FMOD has supported custom Javascript since Studio version 1.07 — check out this press release from two years ago.

Unfortunately even with the press release, I had to hunt pretty hard to get Google to bring me up any reference of Javascript usage in FMOD.  But since that’s the case, I did want to point out some more information about it for you, in case you’re interested.

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Most of what you assume is wrong

What are your dreams?

Want to make a lot of money?  You can.

Work for a big, reputable company or a small indie darling?  You can.

Want to run your own successful business?  You can.

Land your dream job, get in shape, marry a wonderful spouse, etc?  Yup, you totally can.

I’ve shared a lot of very personal conversations with a friend recently that all comes down to two core questions:

Who are you?  What can you actually do?

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Play back a sound with C++

I ran across this video a few days ago, and when I get a little time back on my hands I’ll be going through it myself.

For those of you interested in making and playing back sounds using C++, it sounds like a great place to get started.  Make sure you stay tuned in past the first few seconds – Benny, the narrator, is a little on the silly side in the intro.

Keep in mind, the info presented is at least 2 years old.  There are probably other libraries available (and even easier) to work with now.  But this could still be your point of entry!  If you dig it, follow the link to YouTube where Benny has a short playlist with more videos in a series.

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Stylize Windows Command Prompt

File this under “trivial, but fun things I was excited to learn.”

Did you know you can change the colors, font, and opacity level of the command prompt on Windows?  Check out how I set mine up (the background design is just my desktop…):

To do this, all you need to do is right click the title bar of your command prompt window and select Properties.  From there you’ll see tabs for fonts, colors, and opacity.

If you’re up to editing your registry, you can even add extra fonts not initially available.

Have fun!

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Strive for Rest

Rest is underrated.

This is a lesson I’ve known I need to learn for years, but honestly I’m still trying to wrap my mind around exactly how to rest.

You can think of rest in a literal sense – sleeping, laying on the couch with a book or TV, maybe “recharging” is a better word.

Though I do think that is underrated — that’s not the kind of rest I mean.

I’m talking about being at peace with who you are and where you’re at.  I’m also talking about being at peace with waking up tomorrow and knowing that realistically there’s a lot out of your control.

I’m not referring to meditation or mindfulness.  Perhaps those are paths some people take to get to a sense of rest in themselves, but that’s not really where I feel like I belong.

I believe the more that you can wake up satisfied with who you’ve been made to be, who you are, and wherever you may be going — your daily life will be less shakeable.

So don’t forget when you’re working, striving, and toiling to be better, what may be more important is being satisfied if none of those things work out.  Always work for them, but don’t pin your life, hopes, and streams on striving for wind that isn’t under your command.

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Failure and Setbacks

I like to see myself as successful.

When I tell my story – I’m the hero.  An underdog, well traveled, experienced in adversity, conqueror of all hard times.  That story eventually brings us to today, and whichever that day is I’m supposed to be great.

Except when I’m not, because on occasion I’m not successful.  Especially when I’m very aware of the fact that I’ve failed, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  I’m not very great then.

The rest of this post is how I work through that.

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Where Faking It Stops

A favorite expression of us in the entertainment industry is “fake it ’til you make it”.

I used to be a huge fan of this phrase.  Today, I’m losing a lot of my old appreciation for it.

Two reasons:

  1. If you’re learning, then by nature you don’t really know what you’re doing.  If you knew what you were doing, you wouldn’t be learning.  So I’m always trying to “fake it”.
  2. At some points, you can’t really fake it.  You either know it or you don’t.  If you need to know your stuff, people who do know it will know you don’t.

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Work Ethic

I literally just ran across a video on YouTube that I want to share with you.

I usually hate videos like this (here’s how a bunch of famous people did something that you should do if you want to become famous!).  The summation of this video is “if you want results, work harder and more creatively than everyone else”.

But I believe in a lot (not all) of this.

Let me share some thoughts and stats with you to give you a more accurate picture…

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What I Learned From Writing a Book

It’s been a really crazy week for me.  Among other things, I published my first ebook on Monday.  It was a pretty huge accomplishment for me and people have been extremely nice with their feedback.

I learned a ton in the process, and I know some of you have the desire to ship a book of your own.  Here’s what I can give you insight on…

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