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Bad Advice

I threw a question at #gameaudio on Twitter (based off Box Brown’s tweet below) yesterday I want to share with you.

It got a great conversation going.  Click my question to see the whole thread, but I’ll share some of my favorite responses below.

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Success and Failure

Success is largely about what measuring stick that you’re using, or if you’re not using one at all.

I used to be a habitual starter, never finisher.  A lot of the reason behind this is because my measuring stick of success would always change.  I started wanting one thing, then it would change to another thing and I would never attain “success”.

This happened to me again recently, and has been a super good reminder.

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A while back I started a Slack channel (Slack is essentially 2017 for “private chat room”) aimed at those with an interest in audio programming.  I wanted to keep it a bit informal, so I called it audiocoders.

If you’re interested in audio and programming (be it full on application development, scripting, or DSP) I’d love to invite you to the channel.  All you need to do is email (me [at] or Twitter DM me (@adamtcroft) your email address.

The rest of this post will address information about, FAQs, and some semi-formal expected conduct for the channel

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New Release: Rapid Rename Tools

I’m really excited to announce to you today that I’m officially releasing my next set of Reaper scripts, Rapid Rename Tools.

This set of two scripts is designed for you to quickly and easily organize your sessions.

Rapid Item Rename allows you to select a group of items to quickly rename.  Each item will be renamed via the convention “Base Name_Number_Suffix”.  For multiple variations on version 2 of a punch sound, this would look like “Punch_001_v2, Punch_002_v2, Punch_003_v2” etc.

Rapid Track Rename allows you to select a group of tracks to quickly rename.  The naming convention is slightly different than the item renamer, where tracks will look like “Punch 1 v2, Punch 2 v2, Punch 3 v2” when using the aforementioned information.

These scripts are donationware (pay what you want)!  They are freely available to download right now, and if you see value in them and they save you time or stress I would really appreciate if you chose to support my efforts.

Go get them, right here!

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Everything is Temporary

I have a very tempestuous relationship with time.

On one hand, I largely focus on it – I have a nearly constant sense of impending doom that I don’t have enough time.  Truthfully, my time in it will not be long.

On the other hand, emotionally, I largely ignore or lament current time in favor or the past or future.  I long for times of the easy proximity-related friendships of school and hope for the future life I’m building with my wife.

But I rarely sit down to appreciate what I have, and where I am.  Yesterday, I was reminded of this.

Technology doesn’t ever help matters either.  Instead of focus and assistance, it generally simply provides entertainment.  One of the words Merriam-Webster uses to define entertainment is diversion.

All this to say it’s good practice to look at what you have.  I can say with complete certainty, that whatever you look at will go away.  Your friends will change, your family will pass on, you’ll change homes, you’ll be in a different city (or your loved ones will), your job will change, your interests will be different, money will disappear, pets will pass away, projects will end, etc.

I understand you can (and probably will) largely view that as depressing.  It is only depressing if you frame it that way.

Instead – realize you’re on the receiving end of a gift.  Every gift has a shelf-life.  For better or worse it will never be the same as it is right now.  Some things will end up even better than they currently are.  Some things you’ll be sad to lose.

But if you’re staring at your screens, it’s really, really hard to appreciate much of anything.

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3 Lessons from Writing a Book

On Wednesday I finished the first draft of a book I’ve been writing, intended to take audio professionals from zero coding experience to 3+ finished scripts.

The working title is Begin Audio Scripting in Reaper with Lua and Reascript.  The content is an overhauled update, reorganization, and adaptation of what you’ll find in my Reascript posts.

While I don’t have an exact release date yet (but it’s likely to be soon), I want to share 3 insights from the process of writing it.

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Destroying the Transactional Relationship


This week I started reading this book by Jay Abraham.  I don’t know what you’d call Jay’s title, but he falls somewhere between “super smart business coach” and “the guy who runs a business about starting businesses”.  Regardless of your thoughts on those – Jay’s clearly very wise when it comes to business and personal relationships.  I can’t say clearly enough that this $10 purchases is one of the better ones I’ve made.

I’ve come to be reminded in the course of this book, and events of today prior to writing this blog, that I’m pretty incredible at what I’d call “transactional relationships”.

I draw a very thick line between my relationships that exist primarily due to the exchange of money (whether be clients or coworkers) and those that don’t.  Even with those that don’t, I will make you work extremely hard to get close to my true heart and emotions.  I would argue I have less close friends than fingers on a single hand.  With most of you I have a relationship with where we exchange money, platitudes, space, or simple ideas and call it friendship – but in reality it’s nothing but fragile and fleeting.

I think a lot of people might nod their heads and agree with this idea.  Plenty of people, especially today where we’re all so simultaneously connected and disconnected, don’t have a lot of deep meaningful relationships.  It’s kind of normal.

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Magic art


Never forget that audio is truly a magic art.

Your second job, after communicating on behalf of your client, is to make magic.

I think what we do as audio professionals is summed up really well in this clip by Penn & Teller, where they demonstrate how to saw a woman in half (warning: NSFW).

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