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Unreal’s New Audio Engine

In a similar vein of my last post, I want to expose your eyes to great work from other awesome people.

Unless you’re tied pretty closely to Unreal Engine, you’re part of the #audiocoders Slack (tweet me if interested), or you follow Aaron Mcleran – you might not know that Aaron and minions of his choosing have been rebuilding Unreal’s audio engine.  When I say rebuilding, I mean like… making a brand new one.  From scratch.

Aaron’s gone pretty deep into detail on it, and his future hopes and dreams to us in the #audiocoders channel.  In the video below you’ll get the chance to listen to him nerd out over all of the things they’ve been quietly working on to make the audio experience better in Unreal.  His bit starts around 10 minutes in, and you should definitely take the time to listen to it all.  The man has an awesome depth of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Also short rant on the video’s content – I know it’s never going to change, but it sucks that we always have to make some visual analogy to explain a concept in audio.  MLJ coined sound cameras, now Aaron’s comparing audio engines to graphics renderers.  Come on y’all!  Learn some shit in a non-visual fashion!  GAH!

I’m pretty thankful to him (thanks Aaron!) for coming onto the #audiocoders channel early and clearly expressing a lot of excitement for the sharing of audio programming knowledge.  I’m glad to share more of his perspective and work here for you too!

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Why in-house plug-ins DON’T get developed

If you haven’t followed me on social media or checked out the audio programming resources page you probably haven’t seen a fantastic article by Robert Bantin on why writing Wwise plugins is important to your game and how to get started.

And when I say fantastic – I mean the article is f*#@ing phenomenal.  Go read it right now.

Read it yet?

Ok good, now I’m going to rant on a few things in relation to the beginning of it.

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Reaper, Lua & Function Management

If you’ve never written code before, let me introduce you to a wonderful principle which you should get to know forever.  It goes by the acronym DRY

Don’t Repeat Yourself.

Don’t repeat yourself.

Sounds simple – but how many times have you told a story twice in the same telling of the story?  All the time.

How many times have you written a paragraph for a paper or blog, two different ways because you weren’t quite sure how to say it?

Coding is no different.  You’ll write something twice trying to figure something out.  Perhaps you’ll have forgotten you even wrote a function in the first place!

This is why most programming languages allow you to re-use code – so you don’t have to write it twice!

Thanks to Christian Fillion (author of Reapack), for dropping knowledge on me as to how to do this with Lua and Reaper specifically.

Here’s how to do it:

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Why more education?

In my last post, I mentioned that I’m considering pursuing a Master’s degree and a Ph.D.  Today I wanted to elaborate a little bit on exactly why.

To give you some background, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Arts about 8-9 years ago.  This degree – humorously – has been both a blessing and a curse.  I have been able to do a lot with it – more than my family and likely my teachers would have imagined.  But it also limits me and forces me to jump through hoops in normal life and a normal job environment.

So why the education upgrade, and why now?

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My plans in 2017

Starting in September of last year I committed to following a system set up by my friend Sean D’Souza in order to complete 3 “big hairy audacious goals”.  I’ve committed to these privately already, however, I’d like to share them publicly and some thoughts behind them, as well as where I’m heading beyond them.

More than anything – this is all simply a record for me and a way to keep me on track and look back later.  That being said, feel free to poke me about these!  Many of the updates here for 2017 will probably have a lot to do with progress on these goals.

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You don’t have to give advice

For years I’ve had a problem that I have always considered a huge character flaw.  Almost always, whenever I give someone advice they don’t act on it.  I get a fairly positive response to my advice from the person who “asked”, but it’s rarely ever acted upon.

I really like seeing other people become successful, so this is really difficult for me.  It’s at times incredibly hard not to take personally.  To this day I struggle with the idea that I have no ability to influence and empower others.

Of course, that’s not exactly true.  I’m better some days than others, certainly – but a lot of these situations I find myself in isn’t so much my response as it is recognizing the needs of others.

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My apologies friends, family comes before content today (I always encourage this for you too).

We moved yesterday (physically, got a new apartment) and I’m picking up the leftover pieces today.  Therefore, this is your lame duck content.

I’ll be back on it later this week!

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There is no right path

Thanks for showing up here today.  Since you did, I’m going to (as politely as I can) hit you in the face with a shovel of knowledge that you already know.

I’ve had quite a few people come to me recently with the same question — “how do I get started in an audio career?”.  I’ve also seen variations of the same question in online channels — “how do I do thing X?  I’ve found tutorials with thing Y or Z, but they’re not quite thing X.  What do I do?!”

To be completely transparent, I’ve struggled with the same issue.

These might not at all seem like the same question — but at the risk of pigeon-holing my audience and making some of you angry, I’m going to argue that they are.

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